Monday, May 01, 2006

How it all began

In the spring of 1998, I was attacked by a neurological dysfunction called trigeminal neuralgia. Electrocution-type pains penetrated the right side of my head: my jaw, my chin, my eye, my forehead, my mouth, and my teeth. A slight breeze across my face, a quick kiss from my husband, or touching my face caused pain that would cause me to cry out or scream. At times I fainted. I could not chew, so I resorted to eating sweets, letting them melt in my mouth. I was allergic to the anti-seizure medication that is prescribed for TN. Finally my physician found one medication I could tolerate, but it became ineffective against the pain.Sometimes, at home alone, I had such violent attacks that I could do nothing but scream until the violent pain relented. My body would go into an involuntary state as I tried to live through the pain, second by second. Fear gripped me. Brushing my teeth was the hardest thing, and sometimes I did not brush them for several days. Exactly two weeks before I was healed, I was struck so hard (while brushing my teeth) that I could not stop screaming. I had spent a good portion of the past seven years in tremendous pain, but I knew that healing was on its way. Two weeks later, I was healed. That was October 24, 2005. Since that day My family and I are celebrating the one year anniversary of life without trigeminal neuralgia. Praise God for His mercy and His healing power! I can chew crunchy, healthy food. I can brush my teeth. I can touch my face as often as I wish. Now I can enjoy hugs and kisses from my husband and enjoy the wind that breezes across my face.I was 41 when trigeminal neuralgia attacked. It was immediately after a root canal redo. I spent years in tremendous pain, God's love continues to restore me with blessings greater than what I imagined.One year, and I am free, free, free! Praise God!


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Praise God, indeed, that healing is part of our redemption!

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